Ari Bird (b. 1988, San Diego, California) lives and makes work in Oakland, CA

Contact: | Instagram: @ariibiird

Statement~~~~~~ My oil paintings, with rainbow gradients and blocks of color or texture, waver between flat and three-dimensional. I paint on discarded wood and utilize objects that are mass-produced, tacky, or trash but hold a distinct soothing or tactile quality. My jigsawed paintings on wood are inspired by handmade or lo-fi graphics. Often these individual pieces will become components of a larger installation-a safe, self-created world. I have an impulse to alter objects, shapes, and environments until they feel balanced. It’s an intuitive process that’s healing and helps me see different perspectives. I’m interested in how objects and ritualized acts solidify abstractions such as human interaction, psychology, and community. My work explores concepts like misplaced/shifting personal identity, the power we imbue in objects through ritual, and the strains between internal and social spaces.

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